Dana Point BikeReligion Club

Bike Religion Service Center in Dana Point, CA

34150 Pacific Coast Hwy, Dana Point, CA 92629
Mon-Fri 9am-6pm
Sat 7am-5pm, Sun 9am-4pm

Come in and enjoy our premium service center in Dana Point. We have in house experts ready to help you with whatever bicycle needs you have.

When you bring your bike into Bike Religion you should expect to receive professional service with fast turnaround times, and a friendly atmosphere.

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Common repair and build services offered by us:

  • Full Suspension Overhauls

Different options ranging from just basic air seals and fork oil replacement to a complete oil damper overhaul on most suspension systems. We have the capability to do service on most rear shocks in-house, this leads to a higher standard of quality, and faster turnaround to get your bike working at its highest possible performance.

  • Pro Bike Builds

We are known for doing custom Pro Builds on some top professional riders bikes, this means we take the highest level of care in assembly using our techniques which come from years of experience to ensure your bike will be at race ready performance, while also reducing future maintenance. Our staff can assist with picking out every part to suit your needs, and your budget

  • Pro Wheel Builds

We hand build every wheel that we sell at Bike Religion this means you will always be getting a quality wheel that will hold its tension and trueness for a longer period of time than most factory assembled wheels.

  • Basic and Major Tune-Ups

We offer a variety of general tune-ups starting at a Basic tune-up. The Basic level tune will adjust the shifting, align the brakes and give a quick check over to make sure everything is running smooth. The next level up is the Tune and Clean. This is much more comprehensive it includes drivetrain removal and cleaning, installation of parts such as handlebar tape or new chains. The entire bike gets thoroughly cleaned and inspected, this is the recommended tune up for most avid cyclists. The highest level of tune is the Overhaul. The overhaul is the most comprehensive service we offer, it is aimed at getting a bike race ready or someone who rides their bike hard. With the overhaul our expert technicians look over every single detail of the bike to make sure there is absolutely nothing short of the absolute best condition your bike could possibly be in.


  •  Brake Bleed / Installation 

Bring your bike in for us to make your brakes feel as sharp and responsive as possible, or just to upgrade one of the most important pieces of componentry on your bike

  • Tubeless Conversion

This is one of the fastest, cheapest, and easiest ways to seriously increase the performance of your bike, with options for both road and mountain.

  • Hydraulic Seatpost Setup / Service

Dropper seatposts have changed the game for a lot of mountain bikes, and with some new options starting to come out for road cyclists this is another great way to help you out on the bike.

  • Miscellaneous Part Installation

Need help getting something simple setup on your bike? We have you covered.

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