Electric pedal assist bikes are so much fun. At Bike Religion Dana Point we have a range of bikes that you can come down at test ride for free. There is no reason to give up on your regular pedal powered bicycle. Outdoors, exercise and fitness are an important daily activity for all of us. Now that electric bikes are more affordable it is time to buy one or two. Leave the car at home on weekends. Use it on your daily commute to work. Ride your new bike down to the beach, to the coffee shop or the beach. Hills have just become easier and your zest to be outdoors just got more fun.

There are various styles of bikes you can buy. Cruiser types like the everyday beach cruiser. Urban bikes for getting around town. Mountain bikes if you want to ride some trails. Foldable bikes so you can transport with you when on vacation or going somewhere other than nearby. Most bikes have enough battery power for around 25 miles, they ride at speeds of up to 22-25 miles per hour. They are very easy to maintain and look after.

Are you excited yet? We are very excited as we are a fast becoming a one stop shop for these fabulous bikes. You can buy, service and accessorize. These bikes are affordable and will last for a long time. Powered by a lithium battery that is built for longevity.

Test ride today at Bike Religion Dana Point.