Bike Religion has been voted best bike shop for 2015, 2016 and 2017. Every bike shop sells bikes, but what differentiates us is our focus on service and parts. Come on down to our Dana Point store and meet our team. A well equipped team  with experienced mechanics, knowledgeable shop staff and parts for your every need. Book in for your clean and tune up, your  custom build or the much needed shock and fork service or rebuild. We will dial in your suspension perfectly. We do suspension rebuilds in house. So you get your bike back quickly.

Great bicycle service is important to us. Our goal is to get your bike back in a timely manner, in an as new working condition. Depending how much you ride, we recommend you book your bike in at least two times a year. Remember your bike has many moving parts, so look after it. We will clean your bike, grease and lube all moving parts. We wash all the parts in our cleaning tank and make your bike feel like new.  Check out the voucher on this website, click to download and get yourself a $150 service for just $99.

Download today and come to us for your expert diagnosis and repair. Fast, efficient and affordable.