Family time is so important. And outside activities are so good for your health and well being. If you haven’t experienced biking with the family you should. There are so many places you can ride safely. Parks, bike paths, beaches, canyons, fire trails to list a few examples.

There are so many bike options to choose from. Kids bikes are available in sizes, 12 inches, 16 inches, 20 inches and 24 inches. This is the wheel size and depending on your child height and age will determine the size of bike that best fits them. These kids bikes are affordable and always in inventory here at Dana Point. Come on down and buy one or two or three.

For the young adult, mom or dad we also have a huge selection of bikes. Regular pedal bikes and the latest pedal assist electric bikes. Road bikes with disc brakes are the latest technology that is finally receiving wide acceptance in the road community. At the end of the day, cars have disc brakes, motorcycles have disc brakes and so why not your bicycle. We also have road bikes with the regular pad rim brakes too.  You will be excited to see how affordable and high quality road bikes are these days.

We also have a range of mountain and trail bikes. Urban bikes too. Masi Bicycles makes an amazing range of affordable bikes. Quality and very cool looking designs. From just $400.

For the more experienced mountain bike rider we carry some amazing brands with the latest progressive technology. Brands like Santa Cruz bicycles, Ellsworth, Marin, Transition and Mondraker.

Electric or pedal assist bikes are all the craze. Europe embraced these bikes some years back. This gave the opportunity for the manufacturers to perfect the design, geometry and affordability of these bikes. We sell Elux and Beach Flyer electric bikes at Dana Point. Come on in and try one of the electric bikes. Demos rides are FREE. You need to try so you can appreciate how awesome these bikes are and how fun they are to ride.

We bring FUN to riding. We LOVE the outdoors.